Water Tanks Australia – Plastic Water Tanks for Sale

We have a full range of polypropylene slimline and round water tanks which are certified to AS/NZS 4766:2006 P, AS/NZS 4020:2002 Australian Standard for drinking water and AS 2070 Part 1 and Part 8 Australian Standard for food contact. These standards are all required to ensure eligibility for water tank rebates on rainwater storage tanks.

Our line of water tanks are customisable in over 18 different colours. The rainwater tanks are typically large so we have assured our customers that they can select the most suitable tone to suit their surroundings.


Availability of space is one of the major decision factors for consumers when selecting their rainwater tank. Many customers don’t have the luxury of wide open spaces to accommodate conventional large round tanks. In addition, many consumers are not fond of the design. At Iplast Australia we have a full range of slim-line and low-line tanks, a space saving alternative to the traditional round water tank option. The slim-line and low-line tanks nest neatly against a wall or garage and are the perfect solutions for when space is an issue.

Each product across our rainwater tank range is manufactured to UV required standards and are complete with a 10 year warranty.

Iplast Australia is on hand to assist you throughout your water tank selection, from design, colour and size right through to delivery and installation. Please browse through our range and contact one of our team members to discuss your requirements.