Open Head Drums – Open Head Barrels | Australia

The main feature of plastic open head drums is the large screw lid allowing for easy access. Where closed head drums main application is for the storage of liquids and semi-liquids, open head drums are mainly used for the storage of grains and dry goods. However, they can used for the storage liquids also, thus they are all generally all equipped with drainage bungs at the base.

Our range of barrels and drums come in a variety of sizes, the smallest at 15 litre and the largest is the picker barrel at 200 litre. All drums with a capacity of up to 100 litres are moulded with hand grips or handles for easy lifting. The larger barrels and drums have been specifically moulded to be safely lifted and moved via a barrel picker.

As with all of our Australian made plastic storage products, our open head drums are made from the UV resistant, food grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The large screw lid complete with seal is specifically designed to ensure secure and safe storage or transportation for the majority of dry goods and liquids.

At Iplast, we are all about sustainability, our team also sources, refurbishes and resells used drums. We have a large inventory of second-hand picker barrels available. Our pre-owned open head barrels are 200 litres in capacity, terracotta in colour and come complete with screw lid and seal.

We are continuously sourcing new products and adding to our inventory, should you require any specific size, colour or design that you cannot find throughout our extensive product range, please do hesitate to contact one of our team.