Insulated Cool Bins

When transporting and storing perishable items such as fish, ice and other goods, it is no secret and cold temperatures drastically reduce the deterioration. It is therefore no surprse that insulated cool bins are an essential storage solutions to ensure the goods stay fresher for longer. At Iplast Australia we have stock the leading range of insulated cool bins from the leading brands.

In todays world, goods are harvested globally, then shipped and sold worldwide. It is vital that farmers, manufacturers and distributors alike ensure that goods are stored in a controlled environment to ensure that they stay as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. Our insulated cool bin range are a double wall, high-density foam injected, food grade storage units. All of the bins come with solid lids with four-point latch locking system, once locked they are sealed they are highly resistant to extreme temperatures to ensure goods stay fresh.

insulated-cool-binOur range of bins come in a variety sizes and orientations, the larger sizes are equipped with 2 or 4 way access points for fork access. All of the cool bins are moulded for safe stacking. All of the bins are equipped with drainage bungs to ensure that excess water build up can be easily drained without comprising the integrity of the goods or the core temperature.

Although the insulated cool bins are extremely durable, it is common knowledge that they do take a beating over time and certain components do need replacing from time to time. We stock the all replaceable components for our range of bins, our insulated cool bin spare parts include replaceable feet, hinges, bungs and tie down buttons.

Please browse through our vertical and horizontal cool bins from leading brands including: Nylex, Nilkamal and Xactic. If you cannot find the product that suits is fit for your application, please contact our friendly staff to discuss your requirements today.