Manual Handling Products

Iplast Australia has vetted and partnered with the most reputable manufacturers Australia Wide. All of the manual handling products that we stock are made right here in Australia and built to last. We ensure that all of the products on offer to our customers have been manufactured under the right conditions and to the highest standard.

Our manual handling products includes a complete range of spill pallets, collapsable pallets and bunds. We also have a variety of heavy duty roller dollies in different shapes and sizes. We have also a vast range of nestable tapered bins for the storage of dry foods, liquids and waste.

manual handling products

There are many inferior cheap manual handling products available on the market of which the clasps, hinges, brackets and wheels are not fit for purpose and simply are not built to last. Our entire product range is guaranteed to last so you don’t have to worry about about hinges snapping off or castor brackets giving way, we have partnered with the finest manufacturers – all of which are on your door step here in Australia.

Our heavy-duty drum bunds are all manufactured from 100% polyethylene with polypropylene grates, Our spill pallets are have superior corrosion resistance to 95% of liquids, oils and fulls and also a wide range of chemicals.

We are always adding to our manual handing product line, should the products you are seeking not be shown within our product range, please contact our team and we will happily source them through our reputable suppliers.