Plastic Materials Handling Solutions

IPlast Australasia Pty Ltd. is an Australian owned company that specialises in plastic materials handling solutions. At IPlast, all of our products are 100% Australian Made, our focus is to provide our customers the best quality range of domestic, workplace and warehouse storage and materials handing solutions.

Since our establishment in 2015, IPlast Australasia has grown into one of the leading providers of the plastic materials handling and storage solutions Australia wide. We have a growing customer base across Australia in all industries from homeowners and sole traders, through to schools, universities, hospitals and throughout various Australian government organisations.

Our plastic materials handling product range covers everything from crates, trays, tanks and drums through to pallets  and large national logistic solutions. Whether you are looking to buy single items or wholesale commercial orders, IPlast Australasia has the inventory to meet all of your materials handling and storage needs.

Our Product Range

We have grouped our materials handling and storage products into 5 key product groups, including:

Best Selling Plastic Materials Handling Products


Insulated Cool Bins – cool storage units with hinged lockable lids.
Replacement parts for Xactic Insulated Cool Bins – looking after our customers, we ensure to maximise the life of your product.
Round Chemical Tank – premium grade, non-corrosive, safe storage for hazardous liquids.
Closed head drums – Durable, lockable storage solutions for foods and liquids.
Open head drums – Versatile storage drums with removable lids.
Pro Step – Plastic moulded, non-slip steps, for those hard to reach places.
Picker Barrells – Commercial and industrial storage units, specifically formed for safe picker lifting
Pallet Bins – Solid and collapsable pallet boxes suitable a for long term storage and worldwide haulage.
Plastic Roll Dollie – heavy duty, made with premium fixtures and grade-A castors. Moving you and material with ease.
Tapered Bins – General purpose space saving storage bins.
Drum Bunds – Storage pallets with integrated drainage.
Nesting Totes – Space saving, stackable storage boxes.
Lug Boxes – Multi-purpose storage boxes perfect for files, paper work and general office storage
Stack and Nest Crates – Stackable and versatile storage systems
Rectangular Tanks – General storage for tools, toys, office supplies, sports gear and all general storage needs

Our friendly team is always on hand to help, if you cannot find what you are looking for or if your have any special requirements contact us for an immediate response.