Crates & Trays, Stackable & Nested for Sale in Australia:

Here at Iplast we offer our customers a wide range of storage trays, nesting crates, lug boxes and other assorted stackable storage items. All of our items are made from durable plastic materials are equally suitable for indoor or outdoor usage.

Each product is offered in a variety of different storage capacities and can be requested in three or more or standard colours depending on preference. Storage crates & trays can be procured in both small or bulk quantities and pricing will be determined by order size, preference and type.

Many of the items in this product category are supplied with a plastic sealing lid. These lids are either of a solid plastic design or vented type. As to which types are available this will depend on the selected crate or tray that you are looking to procure.

As with all of our plastic storage products stock is maintained within our Australian local warehouse in Melboure with shipment offered Australia wide. To find out more about our range of stackable and nested crates and trays simply get in touch with one of our friendly representatives via the contact page on our website.