Chemical Tanks

Our range of chemical tanks are 100% Australian Made. All tanks are manufactured from certified chemical resistant polyethylene. We have a variety of sizes ranging up to 9000 litres. Our tanks are available in a variety of colours, with custom colours available on customer request. We provide a range of fittings including anchor points, covers and flanges.

Our chemical tanks conform with Australian standards suitable for the safe storage of harmful liquids, corrosive acids and other dangerous substances. If you are uncertain which tank is most fit for purpose contact one of our team.

Chemical media storage must be stored in tanks that meet high requirements. They must be capable to withstand intense UV radiation and high thermal stress. Our product line of polyethylene chemical tanks are specifically designed for different types of chemicals. It is important to know what chemical you will be storing prior to your tank selection. If the design of the storage tank is wrong, it can lead to serious problems for your entire chemical system.


The advantages of polyethylene include strength, durability, longevity, maintenance and portability. The bonding of the molecules in the polymer ensure that the structure wont rip or tear. All of our tanks are made from a single piece mould ensuring that they will withstand even the harshest media. They are extremely lightweight therefore making them easy to transport and cost-efficient. Our tanks come with the a 5 year guarantee, testament to the fact that they require little to no maintenance and very seldom – if ever – require inspection.

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