265 Litre Closed Head Tank (Round)

Code Number: IPA-VR265NA

Capacity: 265 Litres

Colour: 5 Plus Colours

Dimensions – External: Diameter 590mm x 1040mm


Product Description

Food grade, 265 litre closed head tank /drum for safe storage of liquids, chemicals or consumable products. High capacity and sleek design with black screw top lid. Base product available in 5 colors. 590mm x 1040mm in dimensions.

This closed head tank /drum is made from high quality, durable materials and can be safely used for storing a wide range of materials. From hazardous chemicals to food stuffs.

The 265 litre closed head drum / tank is available for easy shipment from our warehousing facilities in Australia. Simply get in touch with our team to confirm quantity, size and location and our team will furnish you with an instant quote and target delivery schedule.