220 Litre 4 Drum Bund

Code Number: IPA-DSEP4OR

Capacity: 220 Litres

Colour: Orange

Dimensions – External: 1210mm x 1210mm x 300mm

Note: Drainage bung on lower side wall

SKU: IPA-PM1260.

Product Description

220 litre 4 drum bund for sale. Product is made from heavy duty plastic materials with a drainage bung found on the lower side wall. Suitable for transporting up to 4 drums. This drum bund is tough enough to endure heavy use. The item is available in its standard orange colour and has external dimensions of 1210mm x 1210mm x 300mm.

Our 220 litre 4 drum bund is available for easy shipment from our warehousing facilities in Australia. Simply get in touch with our team to confirm quantity and shipping details. Our team will then furnish you with an instant quote and delivery schedule.