2100 Litre Lowline Water Tank

Code Number: IPA SLQ2100

Capacity: 2100 Litres

Colour: 18 Plus Colours

Dimensions – External: 2500mm x 750mm x 1550mm


Product Description

Our 2100 litre lowline water tank is designed to fit snugly into those tight horizontal spaces whilst offering higher storage capacity than many other variations. The product has dimensions of 2500mm x 750mm x 1550mm. It is made from food grade plastic, which is highly durable and strong. The perfect material for storing large volumes of water and other liquids in an outdoor environment.

At the same time as being sturdy this round water tank remains fairly light weight, which makes it easy to transport and relocate where required. The design is sleak and stylish and the item can be purchased in a range of 18 different colors, meaning you can select the most suitable color to blend into your surroundings.

The 2100 litre lowline water tank like all of our products is 100% Australian made, and is distributed from our warehousing facilities in Australia. Each of our products at Iplast Australasia is designed from a quality first perspective so you can rest assured that this 2100 litre lowline water tank will stand the test of time.