1700 Litre Insulated Nylex Cool Bin

Code Number: IPA-NR-E1224

Capacity: 1700 Litres

Colour: Blue

Dimensions – External: 2250mm x 1140mm x 1060mm

Dimensions – Internal: 2040mm x 1010mm x 805mm

Note: 2 way entry and comes complete with toggles and bung

SKU: IPA-NR-E1224.

Product Description

Insulated Nylex cool bin designed for safe storage of food and other perishables. Robust and sturdy design with two way entry and blue detachable lid, which can be hinged up. Suitable for a variety of cold storage purposes.

This nylex cool bin is made from high quality, durable materials and can be safely used for keeping items cold while on the move. The core product is supplied only in blue, and is shipped with toggles and bung as extras.

The 1700 litre insulated nylex cool bin is is available for easy shipment from our warehousing facilities in Australia. Simply get in touch with our team to confirm quantity, size and location and our team will furnish you with an instant quote and delivery schedule.